A study on Personal Identity and Space.

& How the psychological experiences of one's environment

can be modified. 

 "Deterritorialization"  — The severance of social, political or cultural practices from their native places and populations. 
Understanding how boundaries are constructed through experiments in different perspectives. I begin to explore the relationship between space and boundary, and how it can be applied to designing an increasingly hyper-realistic world. ​
Individual Project, Rapid Response,
2018, Project Duration: 7 days, 

Space, Deconstruction. 

 Interdependence of Boundary & Space. 


By experimenting with various way of visualising personal space — physical demarcations using chalk, characterizing personal interests.
This experiment concludes that the method of constructing different types of boundaries can affect the size of a psychological border created between a person and their environment. 
Personal belonging and its representation of personal identity is a factor of personal space. The use of personal belongings to "reserve" space and claim temporary space in public is explored to determine the extent and limitations of this created boundary.
When the person is absent the object's ability to define personal space determines its degree of personal significance. 
The yellow line is a boundary that separates the space into two parts designated as “safe” and “unsafe", highlight the hidden danger of the space.
When the train pulls in, the significance of the space on both sides of the boundary (“safe” and “unsafe”) disappear. At this moment, the boundary loses its meaning.

 Boundary as Restriction of Media. 

Several psychological experiments test the possible function of a boundary surrounding the restriction of media through two different perspectives—
[ Private >>> Public ]
A psychological border is visualized to maintain a sense of privacy by concealing the fact that I am wearing pajamas in a public space. This enables a physical presence but a mental "protection" from the environment.
[ Public >>> Private —  Warped Perceptions ] 
By designing an approach that only relies on the video representation of space to navigate the path back home, I explore how reality beyond the virtual boundary is interacted with or obscured, to reproduce and point out the hyper-reality built by hypermedia.