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 The Environment Keeps Happening To Me - Vauxhall Tunnel. 

Site research of a dark tunnel in Vauxhall London. 

The tunnel exists as a non-space, transitory, unnoticed in the day, a passageway that transforms in the night. Free from reality, free from the law. The morning cleans away the remnants of its true identity. 
Hovering ‘surveillance’ floats away empty as they began. Walls are crumbling, steeped in green, its ancient bones creaking with every carriage passing above. Nothing pauses within it. No one stops to listen to the chaos it shelters. 
Everything becomes White Noise.

 Research Process - Tunnel Experience 


Dark Tunnel 

A void within the state exists in this tunnel. Sort of like a black hole intersecting the roads between the MI6 headquarters and a police station.
Free of surveillance beyond CCTV vans and police patrols at specific times, this tunnel contains its own ecosystem where families, travelers, businessmen, drug dealers, and the party goes exist in the same space.

Day & Night

In the day, businessmen, travelers, families, students, people from all walks of life pass through the tunnel. To the left of the train station, people. 
At night space transforms, when the doors of the clubs open, it turns into an unmonitored paradise, free from most surveillance with multiple blind spots and convenient exits from the space.
The side of the tunnel with only service doors closer to the train station is the side that’s commonly used by commuters just walking through while the side of the tunnel with the arch into the club is usually where people dwell at night, waiting to go into the club or get laughing gas through balloons and other types of drugs. 

The Environment
Colour & lighting

Experimenting with how colour & lightings change according to the environment.  

The Environment
Texture & Fabric

The broken brick wall stands tall and looming, tinted by seeping water, moss and time, with holes large enough to put your fingers in.

Maybe large enough to squeeze in hidden treasures left undiscovered.

The Environment
White Noise

White noise currently dominates the tunnel, affected by the trains overhead, buses, people and the overall environment.
This is further amplified by the tunnel’s echo. 
There’s an arch leading to a nightclub, a catalyst for the commotions that happen here.
From violence to antisocial behavior, as a space of transit to a paradise free from the watchful eye of the state. Nothing more than a tunnel for commuters, a place of escape for those who care to dwell.
Masked by the overwhelming sights and sounds that surround it, the dark tunnel through Vauxhall Arches.

The Environment
Point Cloud - 3D scanning

The Environment
Physical Model Making as Research

Vauxhall Tunnel

 Research Reflection -  Local Culture & Dark Experience & Queer Space 

Screenshot 2021-11-25 at 08.09.41.png

Local Culture
Entertainment Industry

Night Club
Whistle Punks Urban Axe Throwing Club
F45, Gym

Dark Experience & Tunnel
Dark Ride, Amusement Park, The Pleasure of Fear  

image (1).png
1Photos- Vintage rides and attractions at America's oldest amusement parks.jpeg
Photos- Vintage rides and attractions at America's oldest amusement parks.jpeg
// Tunnel of Love
Opened in 1905, the River Caves is often cited as one of the inspirations for Disneyland’s Pirates of the Caribbean. It is an indoor boat ride past a variety of themed scenes, recreating far-away locations and time periods. These clearly date from the colonial period, playing on the British fascination with mysterious cultures elsewhere in the world.

Los Angeles Times. 2022. Photos: Vintage rides and attractions at America's oldest amusement parks. [online]

Available at: <Here>

- Dark Ride
Atmosphere and experience in the dark

The origins of Dark Ride may be traced back to the popular River Cave and Tunnel of Love in the late 19th century. Such projects use waterways - usually a boat ride through themed caves or grottoes. There is no specific storyline in the space, but vignettes and soundtracks are designed to create a specific theme, mood and atmosphere to evoke a certain emotion in visitors.

Experience design is more obvious in Tunnel of Love. The project is divided into a romantic theme and a horrific ghost theme, both of which encourage couples to be in close contact. Darkness provides a degree of privacy, while horrific scenes provide a socially acceptable excuse for physical contact in an age when the public generally sees casual hand-holding as out of place.

Circulation Space & The Pleasure of Fear
Thoughts on Circulation Space in Film (Moving Images)

(Squid Game, 2021)

Ricardo Bofill.jpeg

(La Muralla Roja, 1973

(La Muralla Roja, 1973

(La Muralla Roja, 1973

The most notable difference in the space design is the increase in the depth of the circulation space and the number of stairs. From the perspective of the camera of Squid Game, it gives people a kind of cognitive fear that this space seems to be orderly but cannot see the laws in it, and it seems that it will never be able to get out of the bottom.

In terms of scale, compared to the original public building approach with lower building height and larger staircases, the space design in Squid Game has raised the spatial depth of the building, which make the space closer to a tube-shaped apartment.

ChongQing Tong Zi Lou(Tube-like Apartment)


(The Shining, 1980)


(World War Z, 2013)


(Dawn of the Dead, 2004)


(Nosferatud, 1922)


(Ju-On: The Grudge, 2002)


(The Silence of the Lambs, 1991)

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