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 Zombies, Aliens, and Others - Emotional Language. 

New forms of communication

in a speculative socially appropriate society.

We tread around the finely carved boundaries of social appropriateness.
We no longer respond genuinely as we are afraid of offending others.
Nothing negative, Nothing radical, ... the society has been written in moderation. 
When we collectively choose the standard answer, who are we?
Are we talking as ourselves or playing out our characters?
We struggle with abstract vocabulary to find suitable adjectives to express our feelings. But do adjectives really communicate how we feel?
……or it‘s just a poor imitation of our actual intentions?
Some documents have been found with words and drawings that serve as keys to unlocking the intricacies of emotional languages.
On this paper, a classified emotion system was written in English with some unknown runes.
Changes in complexity seem to explore how to convey various degrees of emotion.

Gestures that represent instinctive responses to different emotions were designed.


Similarly, groups of materials were placed on mood boards according to their synesthetic value.

These foundings shows that the creator of the language is exploring the components of complex emotions,  as well as alternative forms of language — what elements can be used to distinguish different emotions.


Raised By “Likes”


Teach children to say sorry and thank you,

Be nice to your friends, respect your elders.

Mind your words, remember not to cuss.


Playtime groups are now online

How many likes have you got? I lost 10 today,


They unfollowed me when I cried.


Everyone should be different

But don’t show your flaws.

Airbrush your persona.

Say you’re fine when you fall.

We no longer need to eat out, talk to people and deal with face to face situations.

Food comes in the form of a stranger at the door.


Card, not cash. Open and close.

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